Allevamento Amatoriale – Spitz Tedeschi Nani (Volpino di Pomerania)




Allevamento Amatoriale – Spitz Tedeschi Nani (Volpino di Pomerania)

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About us

Hi!!       Welcome to my website.

I’m Cinzia and I heartly thank you for visiting my Website. I love nature and everything belongs to it; I adore animals, in particular dogs that are part of my life.

I’m very lucky because I’ve married a man who adores animals too; he helps me in the choices and he shares my enormous passion for dogs-love.

My first dog was a Collie called Chicco that I loved immensely and of which I cherish a tender and sweet memory. Still today, thinking about him, my heart beats fast and sometimes it seems to stop, as held by a vice. When Chicco died, Knocked down by a car, the world, for me, seemed to collapse! I suffered a lot and I swore that never again a dog or a pet would have twisted my life; I swore that never I would have had and loved a dog.

Too much sadness, too much pain, I was destroyed by sorrow for his loss,      I didn’t resign to his absence.

Later………love and passion came back again,    almost by chance, some years ago.

The first Pomerania was a  gift that my husband and I made  to our two sons who wanted the company of a four-legs friend to love; to cuddle and with whom to share happy moments. So Kira, a Toy Spitz (dwarf-size), arrived in our family and she greatly affected our life.

Her vitality, her way to be always happy, joyful and friendly have involved the whole family in an increasing and persistent game. Who owns a Pomerania is never sad, distressed or depressed.

These adorable pets help you avoiding these problems! They are inevaluable trasures and even in difficult moments they can lift up the spirits of everyone who loves them, thanks to their mischievous eyes, full of complicity and cheerful light-hearthdness.

The everlasting good mood and the lively symphaty of the Pomeranians, persuaded me and my husband to begin our wonderful adventure to rear these marvellous creatures. Our Pomeranians are all Toy-size (dwarfs).

After Kira a splendid male Chippy arrived in my house and other two lovely females Jaisha The Beautiful and Moonlight in The Sky imported from Jan Shar Pomeranians, one of the biggest and most authoritative Kennel of the United States of America.

Our maxim is: “quality not quantity”.

We don’t trade dogs, we love them and respect them.

“Prestige”, the name of our Kennel and our Website wants to mean exactly what stated above: our firm aim is to select the best quality of Pomerania both for blood ad for beauty, trying to produce subjects reflecting the race Standard as more as possible.

“POMS PRESTIGE” is an amateur small Kennel: a sand grain in the world of dogs lovers.

Our dogs live with us and are active and effective members of the family unit. We are in love with these marvellous creatures as little sized as big and haughty in bearing and proud by nature.

Everyday, every moment they are our friends; the faithful and loyal companions………that walk

and will walk forever together us……………..along the path of life.


my husband and me


                 Cinzia and Chicco                         my husband and Chicco     



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